Thursday, May 31, 2012

Welcome to Matt's Folk Musings


Take a look around, read a few words, enjoy a photo, and comment.

This Folk Musings Blog is new, and comes as a companion to the new Web Page.

Over on the web page, you can find a music profile, some songs, performance schedule, and so forth.  You can also sign up for email updates there.  Look for the Wolf down near the lower right and fill in your email address.

Here on the Folk Musings Blog, I'll be posting news updates and short essays, photos, and reviews of my favorite songwriters and festivals.

Feel free to participate.  Life works better that way!


Matt "Folkmuse" Stone


  1. Nicely done, Matt! Reminds me that I am way behind the curve in getting my web "persona" up to snuff.

    May all the posts herein be smart, literate, inspiring and humorous!!